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 All Ceremonies are not created Equal

For over a quarter of a century the Ifa Foundation of North America has taught and worked with the genuine original energies of the ancient Yoruba culture of West Africa. During this time we have performed these ceremonies according to the thousands of years old methods they developed. Additionally, we have increased their effectiveness by performing them within the ONLY authentic Sacred Orisa Gardens in the Western Hemisphere.

While our Spiritual Tools can effectively be consecrated for an individual as they are imbued with the specific energy necessary, these ceremonies require the physical presence of the individual. For specific information please contact: Iya Vassa at 1 -800-906-4322

Ceremonies For Specific Goals

Conception: Pregnancy Preparation Rituals

Weddings: Traditional Yoruba ceremony performed at Ola Olu

Shedding: Remove the negative energy of abuse and spiritual actions

To learn more about specific Ceremonies CLICK HERE

To contact Iyanifa Vassa CLICK HERE or reach us Toll Free at 1.800.906.4322