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16 Truths

Featured Tools

Mother Waters Prayer Beads

 Pull out your prayer beads whenever you want to feel more connection to the energy of the Mother's. There is a sense of nurturing strength with these elements.

An Oko Howlite Necklace

 Strengthen your ability to stand grounded during any challenge.

2022 Egbe Rituals

 2022 Reading calls for Egbe Rituals by The Ifa Foundation Elders for aligning your Egbe connections!

Iyaami & Nana Buruku Connector

Expand yourself...Access more connection into the higher realms for what you need in birthing your full potential.

A Protection-Prevention Figure

Stay focused on what you want to be doing...not what someone else is!

Sigidi stands guard for you!  Let go of living in fear!
Mother Waters Necklace

See how to flow through the challenges and elevate your potential.  Shapeshift your destiny and manifest with the Mother Waters, Osun and Yemonja/Olokun