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16 Truths

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Osun Reflection & Connection

Deepen into "seeing" more of how to manifest your vision with Mother's Osun's mirror, stones & more!

Egbe Pots, Fan, Necklace, Staff

 EGBE is #1 KEY for 2022. Initate into deep connection.  See about the full set.

Mother Waters Necklace

See how to flow through the challenges and elevate your potential.  Shapeshift your destiny and manifest with the Mother Waters, Osun and Yemonja/Olokun

2022 Icofa VIP

Icofa is a dynamic level of initiation for you. Know your Odu path with Ifa.  Wear the prevenative/protection ide bracelet on your left wrist and have your one hand of Orunmila with you in your sacred space.  Learn more.  Grow, Expand and Connect!


 Breakthrough your stuckmess; fears & negative thoughts! Strengthen!