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Esu Osain Hidden


 Esu Osain - hidden or hanging

For those that would love to have their Esu-Osain on their desk at work or at home…or for those that want to have it hanging nearby…this creation is right there in full power.
The Esu-Osain is build into a brass container with lid and chain.
Both removable if you chose.
The energy of Esu and Osain combine to open the opportunities of all that is available to you with the Osain matrix.  Each Orisa energy has its own Esu!
When you order yours…IyaV will begin opening up with the blessings of the Oracle and build with her Ogun energy a powerful teaching tool for you to use.  And then your tool will go out into the sacred gardens, Ola Olu and sit inside both of the highly charged Esu and Osain shrines before heading into your hands to begin an incredible journey of connecting.
The benefits of such a tool are enormous.  You mind begins opening into a much healthier way of thinking and responding.  You begin tuning into another dimension of the plant intelligence…where you will receive greater wisdom of how to elevate your life into knowing how to live healthier and more successfully.  
Your awareness and abilities of tapping into your own intuition begins developing more strength.  Amazing things are possible.
Created by Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke, Nana Buuken Priest, GateKeeper of the Sacred Orisa gardens holding Iyaami.  All ingredients were divined with the Oracle.  



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