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Circulate with higher frequency flow

Osuns Heart Desire Spray

 Hearts Desire Spray

This product was developed with the energy and intention of Osun, and for whoever uses it to have the capability of  cleansing energies that no longer serve their highest vibration. Spray yourself or your environment  to clear limiting blockages. What body sensations are you feeling? What are you seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling? These sprays are infused with Reiki energy, The new year Odu, Odu of the Ifa Foundation, Odu of Osun, oriki chants of Osun, oils specific to the Osun energy, and blessed water.  This spray has the scent of Lemongrass, Rose, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Frankincense. You can use this product to align love within your core center and your heart. Spray, breathe in the fresh scent and meditate, think of all the wonderful attributions you bring to the world and how much light you put out. What does your heart truly desire? This product could also be used to bring more love to your space or tools. This spray may also aid in increasing self-love. Please note that you must shake the product before use. 



All of the spiritual teaching and connecting tools will be infused inside the sacred Orisa Osain Gardens inside OlaOlu.

Each item listed below will be blessed in your name while igniting and infusing the energy of Osain..

The sacred Odu's, herbs; oils; spray with Oriki and songs will be used during the empowerment ceremonies for each tool.

The "CARVED OSAIN FIGURE" will have an opening for the ase to enter inside during the ceremonies and then it will all be sealed inside.

The "ESU OSAIN" will provide alignment to open your paths and roads with the Osain energy...for more ways to increase your intuition and strengthen your protection shields and most importantly...for healing and health empowerment.

The "OSAIN NECKLACE" is made of various stone beads that resonate on the Osain frequencies and has the Osain bird amulet as the center point.  

THE NEXT LAYER OF TOOLS IN THIS GROUP ALL ALL CREATED BY OUR AMAZING IYANIFA IFALOLA.  She taps into the gifts that were seeded into her Ori as she was created.  She goes ALL-IN with each element!  She uses only the finest of materials...all organic and she grows many of the flowers and herbs that are used in her unique formulas!  They are also created "in ritual".

There are "NO OTHER" soaps, oils, sprays, candles, and salts that get birthed as Iyanifa Ifalola does.  She's got the healing sounds going on in the background while she is infusing with Oriki, Odu, and prayer.  Her heart is huge and her integrity..it's impeccable!!!

The "OSAIN SOAP" is an incredible bar of uniqueness.  The energy that you become when you use it is beyond words.  So deep.  A true connector to another dimension of knowingness.

The "OSAIN SALTS" remove all that no longer serves you.  All negative attachments melt off.

The "OSAIN SPRAY" has such a unique quality that brings you into a connection to a magical forest!  Great for stimulating your senses and allowing you to tune into other levels of sacredness.

The "OSAIN CANDLE" lifts your sacred space into a place of a divine feeling.  Your mind becomes to cleared and in peace and harmony.

The "OSAIN OIL"  opens a flow to whatever you paint it with!  I love how my tools feel after I put it on.  Very elevating.  I love it on my skin as well.

The "OSAIN FEATHER WAND" is created with several types of bird feathers and adorned with wrappings and a special stone centerpiece to add to the frequencies in this wand.  Use this for moving whatever you are burning in your ceremonies...be it sage; incense or copal...it is great for removal work as well as bringing new energy in.

The "OSAIN HERBAL FORMULA" is great for refreshing your tools as well as your body.  There is so much included that you can use it all year long.

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE EACH TOOL WILL BE INCLUDED...and Iyanifa Ifalola and Iyanifa Vassa will always be available to connect with to answer any and all questions.



Esu Odara

 Open into the void for resources of intellengence!


 Opening you to what is possible!