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16 Truths

Featured Tools

2022 Orunmila Rituals

2022 Reading calls for Orunmila Rituals by The Ifa Foundation Elders for aligning your elevation!

Osun Reflection & Connection

Deepen into "seeing" more of how to manifest your vision with Mother's Osun's mirror, stones & more!

Mother Waters Prayer Beads

 Pull out your prayer beads whenever you want to feel more connection to the energy of the Mother's. There is a sense of nurturing strength with these elements.

Egbe Pots, Fan, Necklace, Staff

 EGBE is #1 KEY for 2022. Initate into deep connection.  See about the full set.

Osun Brass Empowerment Tools

Hand-crafted tools from Nigerian artisans connect you to the primal energy of Mother Osun.

Embrace the Bells. Bangles and Opa Staff and feel more empowered!

$35.00 - $155.00