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Ifa Divination with Iya Vassa

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A divination session with IyaVassa and the Oracle is transformative.  IyaVassa teaches you so much the whole way through.  IyaVassa is a powerful Nana Buuken Priest and can truly see for you until you can see for yourself.  She can gets deep inside what is truly going on and guides you in a very nurturing supportive way.  She truly cares about supporting anyone who is seeking to know more about their life and purpose for being here.

When you get a reading with IyaVassa you will learn about the direction you need to be focusing on and the strategy to use for manifesting in all areas of your life.  You will feel her genuine support as she will reveal what the energy of each Odu brings as your lesson...and how to tap into those matrix's.  You can trust that Iya Vassa will guide you with positive empowering guidance.

Iyanifa Vassa's has come from a long line of diviners & healers & even a labyrinth builder!  She is devoted to her clients to bring their lives into balance and empowers each person with a positive healthy energy.  She maintains a daily healthy lifestyle and does her own personal work to ensure her connections are clear and accurate.  Ifa is her life...she has raised her family divining and caring for the whole family through daily work with the sacred 256 Odu of Ifa.

There is a triangle which includes the Diviner, the client and Orunmila (Arula). IyaVassa keeps her own personal energy flowing in the highest of vibration so her awareness and abilitiy to focus is at the highest level possible.  She believes in taking really great care of herself so she is prepared to take good care of you.

In Divination, as in all areas of life, there are different levels of ability, intellect and understanding. It would seem more logical and effective to have your Divination performed by someone comfortable with, knowledgeable about and successful in, the current cultural and technological world we live in, rather than someone stuck in past.

1. When placing your order, suggest in the comment section of the ordering form…what days and times work best for your
schedule. Many people chose to do their Phone Divinations in the evenings…after work and or dinner. When selecting times…please take into consideration that the Home Office of the Ifa Foundation is in Central Florida and is in the time zone of Eastern time.

2. You will receive an email responding to setting up an agreeable time with consideration of both schedules. In the majority of situations… your reading can be done within a 48 hour time period. IF there is an emergency…please let us know.

3. When the day and time are set and confirmed…you would then make sure that YOU CALL the office of the Ifa Foundation at the exact time that is agreed upon.

4. IF YOU LIVE IN THE U.S.CALL Toll Free: 1-800-906-4322 OR IF YOU PREFER...USE THE REGULAR # 1-386-615-0987. 

5. Be prepared to have a quiet 60 minutes in your life so you can focus on the Reading. Taking notes is recommended….as there will be important ideas shared that you will want to keep on hand to move forward with.

You will be contacted for a mutually acceptable time for your divination as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by kevin m, 04/25/2020

I just received a divination reading from Iyanifa Vassa. She verified everything I was feeling that happening to me, and put me on notice for things that needed to change, in the way only an Ogun Goddes-Warrior-Queen could do: My IWA PELE was off-balance, and she looked at me and said: “C’mon Kevin, ya gotta let go of the FUCKEN anger, babe.”

So, I knew it was time. Prior to Vassa’s divination of deliverance, I was on the fence to let anger go. And as you well know, dear reader, sitting on a barb wire fence huts the butt cheeks. But anger had been my best companion over the years. Hell, it was anger that I used to propel me out of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. It was anger that propelled through the military working for patriarchal white racists, It was anger that propels though me being a New York Knick, New York Jets, New York Mets fan: Not really though, I just wanted to lighten it up, as I was going deep into my Olokun aspect of Yemonjaolokun. But I knew it was time to divorce myself from Anger..

When The Black Mamba and “Baby” Gia transitioned, what stuck out the most for me were the testimonies from people who didn’t resolved issues with Kobe, and how people who had unresolved issues with other family members or friends, decided to squash the beef, and make amends. Whereas the death of Kobe pushed me to the edge to drop my anger off the cliff, the reading with Vassa, gave me the strength to push it over…..bye bye anger…

So, at age 62 I joined Facebook. I now have access to the Sunday Rituals. I now have responded to friends requests, and friends and family members who I haven’t talked with in over 10 to 30 years because of anger. We are now, I think the term, face book friends. I even connected to a man who was like a father to me who is suffering a severe illness, who after I talked with him about Vassa said, “I know folks like her do miracles for people like me, and I am ready for my miracle.” Talkin’ about inten. At any rate, It’s a slow process, baby steps, but I am making steps in the right direction

Poetically, If you, dear visitor, are still sitting on the fence about getting a divination from Iya V, because of the google scholars and youtube scholars slander campaign. Don’t sit too long, because barbed wire cuts deep. I know, I’ve got the marks to prove it.

Poetically, This is what I experienced and hopefully you will too….IF YOU DARE!!!!

Vassa’s divination
Will bless your mind, body, and soul, with
Everlasting health, wholeness of self, and Peace of mind.
If you “do the work” with her you will develop WILL:
for as good people Come together, goodwill betides allkind

Vassa’s divination
Will lead you up the path to SELF-EMPOWER your
Pureness of heart, and strength of spirit which
Glows within and around you: THAT YOU HAVE BEEN BLINDED TO
so, that, you will be unlimited in blessings.

Vassa’s divination
Will teach you to not let ignorance guide your might,
And Innocence blind your sight.
She will show you the path to Always
Stand-alone. Believe in freedom, true self,
Purity, and happiness to be loved.

Vassa’s divination will
Show you how grow to OVERstand: Our time is
Not in time; so, take your time and time will
Be with you. For though it seems few and far
Between—eternal peace unfolds this way.

Now, if only I do an ebo to make the Knicks, Jets and Mets multiple champions…..

Reviewed by Daniel (, 04/28/2015

Alafia Iya Vassa and Modupe,

I am writing to thank you so much for both the reading and the Ibeji that I received as a result of your consultation. Since I have placed them on my Ancestral Shrine, I have experienced a deep and abiding sense of power, freedom and happiness. The energy and spirit that the Ibeji has ushered into my life has been so refreshing.

I am very grateful that you were able to identify that which was causing me to feel somewhat over burdened and tired. I am now feeling refreshed, re-energized and renewed.

I offer the prayers that you sent and I am more aware and conscious of this energy which is a part of my life.
Again, thank you (Modupe) for your spirit and continued work in Ifa.


Daniel (Oluweri Egundyao Onisegun)

Reviewed by John A, 01/04/2014

Been working with Vassa for 3 years - I've got to hand it to her, she is a serious channel for the unseen. The divination service she offers will guide you toward life enhancing benefits, and positive changes you seek, as well as positive changes & benefits you didn't perceive that you truly needed.
Phillip and Vassa are also very straight forward and down to earth, and they offer their services free of the hidden agendas and power trips often associated with paths similar to Ifa. Have her give you a reading - sometimes the hardest part for the recipient is just making the leap. As far as the money goes, the return on investment is incalculable.
And check out her spiritual tools, she is a masterful artist whose heart and soul are clearly expressed in her creations.

Reviewed by Anthony M, 12/24/2013

I have had a few readings from Vassa. It was a very good experience. She is talented. I will recommend her to anybody. Vassa also makes wonderful spiritual tools to help you to move forward on your destiny path.

Reviewed by suffi , 03/18/2013

Great help for difficult situations or when you have to take important decisions! I did a lot of readings now and I got a lot of helpful advices and also advices of which tools I can use to help myself! Now I can see a lot of big positive changes going on in my live! I am moving forward! (And I stopped also to rush too much through my live, as if I would die next day …) I am getting my feet on the ground again! Great! I am really happy that I got to know Ifa Foundation and Vassa and Phil and their family!