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Obi Divination - Package

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Learn the traditional African way taught by Dr. Afolabi Epega.  The booklet has visual layouts as well as all the information clearly laid out for anyone to learn how to read Obi.  This package includes the Obi (specify round, rectangle or triangular shape), the DVD and the booklet which also has the form to do the Divination in.  We sell more of these than any other item in our store.  The  response is so positive.  We highly recommend anyone interested in growing through the path of Ifa to have this complete set up.  This teaches you so much each time you work with it.  You can divine for yourself, your family and your friends with much more accuracy than with other systems.  Gaining more wisdom and knowledge is so important...this system is used by thousands of people across the globe.

Please chose from rectangular shape or the round.  Note this when you place your order.


Choose either Print & CD or Downloadable Media (PDF & MP3) Your Obi pieces will sent to you via mail if you choose downloadable media option. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by kevin m, 04/25/2020

Walt Whitman writes "I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume. For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you." On a visceral, spiritual level, learning how to cast obi correctly is to encompass this passage from Whiteman. As I cast now, i realize i am "celebrating" and "singing" myself with Ori, Ancestors, and Orisha with every cast i make. And what i "assume" is my roadmap to having a successful day based on the cast, is due to the divine Sigils of Obi Abata Sacred Odu, "assuming" in harmony with me for my direction. This is what awaits you, dear reader, if you purchase this package: A Song of Yourself. Are you ready to sing in harmony with the life forces, that have been waiting for you to awake to your true path of spiritual enlightenment without acquiescing your personal power to a priest with ill intentions? Are you a spiritual refugee from other sects where the priesthood has milked your finances to the point of zero, and you are beginning to see through the veil of deciet? IF so, The roadmap to your salvation is obi divination, a system of mediumship which empowers the uninitiated to be free of fear, free of religious dogma, and a FEEEEEELING of self-empowerment. What are you waiting--make the purchase--make the change--become the EBO!!!

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