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Ogun 7 Days A Week

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Having the right tool to use for what you are working on is a smart.

There are times you need to use one of these.  

Raking out something that got messy...

Poking a hole in something that formed and you are done with it…

Cutting through something that needs to be released

Hammering something you need to build

Digging into something...

Knocking something old down and destroying it

Picking through a solid something that needs to be opened

And so much more!

These great new pieces are created by a wonderful blacksmith.  
He practices Ifa and has been making wonderful spiritual tools for years. 

We are pleased to now represent his work!  Each is a one-of-a-kind piece. (scaled at approx. 7” long)  

They are sold as a set after they are consecrated at the  Ogun shrine at the Ola Olu retreat.

You will see an increase your ability to connect with what synchronizes with your vision.
Pick one of these up each day and do something more to build an incredible life!
We know that spiritual tools can assist your journey of elevating your future.
This tool is connected with the energy of Ogun! The vibration is high…learn to match yours to it and see how much more is possible for you to be able to do next.  Movement forward takes place when you learn how to synchronize your energy with a spiritual teaching tool.
Your thoughts, feelings and emotions will clear…you will align with how and where to experience the dynamic energies,
Ogun energy can be very important when you are working on projects both personally and professionally.

Clear and begin building in a much more focused way!
Open to change the levels for more passion, strength, flow, vision, certainty, attraction and feel more inner connection to your inner soul.
This tool can be empowering areas where you need more balance in your health as well.
Upon your ordering yours…IyaVassa will open send you an email with the Ogun prayer in a PDF.
This spiritual tool will enter the sacred gardens of Ogun and receive the ceremonies for proper alignment.
Created by Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke, Nana Buuken Priest, GateKeeper of the Sacred Orisa gardens holding Iyaami.  All ingredients are divined with the Oracle.  

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