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Nana Buuken Prayer Beads


This very unique spiritual empowerment tool has been created to open the powerful energy of Nana Buuken into the hands of the person holding it.

Moving the Nana energy in through your hands and  into the whole body while praying can bring a healing.
Nana, as we know, brings wholeness.  She sees what is needed and fills that area in.
 One can feel an amazing sense of empowerment as changes begin to move in with each prayer of intention.
Building a connection with the Nana Buuken energy will bring your whole family an elevation.
Woven red and black coral beads with accents of magnetic beads and a centerpiece of a kukui beads with the ends being a Platinum Octopus and an antique iron key…each material included is carefully selected to combine an energy flow with Nana.
Complete instructions will be given to you along with a special chant to use.
Upon ordering your powerful tool, Iyanifa Vassa will reach out to you and discuss certain elements of this energy with you.
A certificate of authenticity with the date it was created from the sacred shrines of the Orisha gardens of Ola Olu.  Created with the ashe of Nana Buuken Priest and Iyanifa Vassa and Oluwo Philip Neimark.
Each one is a one-of-a-kind as IyaV opens with the Oracle and is guided.
Allow 1- 2 weeks for shipping.  Each one is made specifically for you with your name inside.

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