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Ogun Tools Bracelet-Anklet

SKU: ST205
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Wear something that connects you with the representations of the tools we need.  Tap into their energy as you ground yourself into the Ogun energy matrix.
The quality is really great and there is a strength that is delivered with this tool.
Great to place on your child’s ankle or on their backpack.
I love that this anklet makes you feel like you could do anything you set your intentions to.
Cut through the roadblocks and move with freedom.
Upon you ordering yours…we will send you a beautiful prayer to Ogun so you can begin connecting while we create the proper connections with the Ogun gardens inside the sacred Orisa gardens at Ola Olu.

A certificate of authenticity with the date it was created from the sacred shrines of the Orisha gardens of Ola Olu.  Created with the ashe of Nana Buuken Priest and Iyanifa Vassa and Oluwo Philip Neimark.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Miguel , 10/22/2014

A great piece! It is of high quality and one who is spiritually attuned can tell it is "charged."

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