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Sacred Soil? It can change your life!

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If you tell a Nigerian Ifa priest that you are a Babalawo, the first question you are likely to be asked is: “were you trod upon?” This question is used to validate that the individual has gone through a genuine African Ifa initiation, and has great implications regarding the Earth we live upon. The Yoruba firmly believe that Oludumare (God) created all the solutions to ALL of our potential problems in life and placed them within the energies of the Earth. The Yoruba do not look up in the sky to communicate with God  or the energies He created, they always will look down at the Earth while praying to the Earth’s energies and wisdom they know will provide them with the solutions they need.




At the Sacred Orisha Gardens of Ola Olu, that University of Florida African Art Professor Robin Poynor PhD stated: “The Orisha Gardens are unique in Florida and in the United States. Perhaps the closest comparison would be a site in Nigeria that has been designated as a World Heritage Site, the Oshun Shrine in Oshogbo, Nigeria. The site in Florida is surely the most extensive Sacred Garden of its type in North America.” Additionally, as scientifically proven, Florida was originally part of the African continent , so you may consider the Sacred Orisha Gardens and the land they occupy as having more than a casual relationship to Orisha’s  genuine roots.




Now, for the first, and limited, time, Sacred Soil from the grounds of these 22 sacred gardens is being made available to those that would like to take advantage of the unique energy and power each Orisha Shrine  contains. These energies are the result of literally thousands of prayers, offerings and initiations which have taken place upon, and seeped deep into this ground...it’s the next best thing to standing within the Gardens themselves.


AJE  - Garden where Aje – the Orisha of Wealth – lives and creates the opportunity of wealth for others.

ANCESTORS – A Garden which functions as an inter-dimensional   portal to Ancestral energy.
ELA - Garden where wisdom resides. Designed to guide you what is best changed rather than simply what can be changed.
ESU - Garden where ALL opportunities are created.

IBEJI  - Multi-dimensional  garden serving as protector of living children as well as connective point to children who died early.  Children are considered the greatest “wealth” we can have as the guarantee our immortality.

IGBA IWA - Sacred Ifa Garden where the male Ifa priest opens the path for Ifa initiation as well as communicating with Universal components.

NANA BUUKEN - Female equivalent to the Igba Iwa including portal to the Iyami.

OBATALA - Garden of Clarity, focus and analysis.

OKO – Garden aspect of Obatala designed to deal with witchcraft. Also significance to farming.

OGUN  - Primal Garden of strength, potent energy for creation or destruction. Home of unshakable focus.

ORI  - Garden representing Orisha Alaji Mopin where we select our Destiny at the moment of conception.

ORUNMILA - Garden of Divination and ability to forecast the future as well as modify the present.

OSANYIN/OSAIN - Garden of herbal ase’, or energy. For healing, attraction, plus an almost infinite number of other applications.

OSOSI/OCHOSI - Garden for communication and Justice.

OSUN  - Garden for joy, sensuality, wealth and conception.

OYA - Garden for Sudden Positive change.

PHOENIX OR (ONTONTOO)  - Garden for restoration.

SANGO/CHANGO  - Garden for strategy to overcome difficult situations.

SIGIDI - Potent protective energy against death, disease, court case or loss.

YEMONJA/OLOKUN  - Garden of family, strong nurturing and strong care of children.


Please note that we have many different bottle designs that relate to various gardens.  The bottle picutred above is an example of one of those designs.  The bottle you receive may be different, but the same size and material.  They are all beautiful.



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gary , 02/06/2013

An excellent item. Collection of Ase. Every IFA Initiate should have one!!!